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Hybrid Wool Soaker

   by Woollybottoms

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Just How Does Wool Work?
In a nutshell, Woollybottoms will replace your plastic diaper coverings as a natural and breathable cover. The natural lanolin acts as a waterproofing agent. Not only is wool functional, but we have combined style as well. They can take the place of clothing so you end up with something that acts as diaper cover and clothing all in one which makes for a dual purpose item.

  • Cleverly made from recycled wool
  • Fabrics are hand picked with baby in mind
  • Stretchy fabric grows with your baby
  • Arrives washed, lanolized, and ready to wear
  • Can be worn alone as well as under clothing
  • Each item is handmade and unique

What is a Woollybottoms Hybrid?
A Woollybottoms Hybrid is a combination of recycled and new wool. The body of the soaker is made from high quality recycled wool and the trim is made from a stretchy hand dyed merino wool interlock. This style offers the best overall fit, unique style, and comfort for babies. They are trim enough to be worn under clothing or fashionable enough to be worn alone.

Why Wool?
Wool is an amazing fiber. It is naturally anti-bacterial, absorbs up to 30% of its weight, breathable, and surprisingly easy to care for. Woollybottoms products make use of old sweaters and are made into a new product. Each piece of wool is hand picked for softness and carefully inspected and cleaned.

Fabric: Recycled Lambswool/Angora/Nylon Blend Body Extra Wetzone Layer
Hand Dyed 95/5 Merino Wool Interlock/Lycra Trim

How to Care for Your Wool:
We recommend washing your cover by hand after several times of wearing unless it gets soiled. Allow the cover to air dry in between uses. Wool will not develop a smell because of its resistance to odor and rash causing bacteria. If you notice the cover is not as leak proof as before, it may be time to lanolize (instructions below). Never wash your cover in a machine or tumble dry, they shrink!

How to Wash Your Cover
Fill your sink with enough lukewarm water to sufficiently cover your wool. Add a bit of woolwash (do not use Woolite, only use a lanolin rich wash specifically designed for diaper covers such as Eucalan wool wash) to your running sink water. Wool wash bars can be used to help remove tough stains as well. Most wool washes are formulated so there is no need to rinse. A bit of baby shampoo can be used if wool wash is not readily available. With liquid wool wash, let your wool sit for about 15 to 20 minutes. Drain water and gently squeeze wool. Lay in between 2 bath towels and roll to remove excess water. Or if you are doing several covers, put them in your washing machine and run the spin cycled (no water) to quickly and efficiently spin out the excess water. Reshape, and lay flat to dry away from direct heat or sun. Liquid wool wash is good if your cover needs a gentle cleaning. If your child is like mine though, they like to abuse their wool with food, dirt, and grime. A good wool wash bar is good for these times. Fill up a sink full of warm water, wet your wool, and then lather the bar right into the wool to get out those tough stains.  Always check in a hidden spot to ensure colorfastness.  Then rinse immediately and remove right away and dry as listed above. For interlock wool, we recommend soak times of a maximum of 15 minutes. Interlock can also be safely washed in the washing machine on a gentle wash/rinse cool cycle for a really deep clean. Machine drying is not recommended.

How to Lanolize:
Prepare your sink just like you are about to wash your cover. I have found the creamy style lanolin to work the best in getting an effective coat of lanolin on my wool. It contains all the original fats that are removed from the liquid forms. Take a pea sized amount and place in a baby food jar along with a drop of baby shampoo. Fill jar with super hot water and shake to dissolve the lanolin (or an alternative to completely melt your lanolin is place the jar of lanolin without the lid in the microwave for 10-15 seconds. Then add the hot water and shampoo. (This will ensure the lanolin is completely dispersed). I prefer to microwave to really make sure that the lanolin is liquified and will not pool and form spots on my covers. Fill your sink as I stated just above with warm water and wool wash. Add your lanolin mixture and swish. I prefer to turn my covers inside out so the majority of the lanolin is on the inside right where you need it. Add the wool cover and let sit anywhere from 15-30 minutes. Make sure water remains relatively warm to keep the lanolin suspended properly and from forming lanolin spots. Drain and dry like normal.

A note about colour selections:
Woollybottoms colour combinations and patterns are always changing and we cannot predict their availability, so we're not able to give an exact description of colour options. The images above are just examples and are not necessarily available. Select "boy" if you'd like a cover that contains blue, "girl" if you'd like pink, and "gender neutral" if you'd like a cover that doesn't contain any blue or pink.

Size Chart
Small10-20 lbs
Medium15-30 lbs
Large25-35+ lbs
XS7-15 lbs

Customer Reviews

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5 Stars The BEST
  At first, the concept of using wool scared me. I was also very skeptical. You've GOT to try these covers! They really ARE water proof AND breathable. You really DON'T have to wash them very often, and they still smell lovely (thanks to woolybottom's lanolin). I love that this product can double as the baby's outfit (how smart is that?) I use a salad spinner to get extra water out so they dry faster but agree with the previous review you must have at least two. I use either fitted diapers inside (like Mother-Ease Bamboo One Size snap or Sandy's cotton snap) or organic cotton prefolds (in a bikini twist secured with a snappi).
  Reviewed by: Tina,  Windsor,  November 24, 2012
5 Stars Best diaper cover ever!
  Woollybottoms soaker is the best diaper cover hands down! ? My son is a heavy wetter so I use these covers to ensure he remains dry all night. There is no more wicking of wetness onto his pajamas, no worry of him being too hot and sweaty from plastic covers, and if the cover is a bit damp on the inside in the morning, once it dries it doesn?t keep the smell! What else can you ask for? Well, since you asked?you don?t have to wash it after every use! (I wash mine about once a week). My suggestion is to have at least two soakers on hand because they do take a while to air dry. Also, I put the Woollybottoms soaker on my son around the house along with a pair of BabyLegs. This keeps the baby warm and is useful if you are potty training. Other wool covers have snaps and are not as stretchy. These soakers are pull-up and super easy to pull on and off. Please keep in mind when considering sizing that they do stretch out a bit after use. Although these covers can be a bit bulky, I have put them on my son when we go out. I just make sure we have jogging pants with a roomy seat. Awesome product!
  Reviewed by: Deanna Fougere,  Windsor, ON,  January 20, 2012
5 Stars Can't live without!
  These are my go to covers for overnight use! Paired with a fitted they are bullet proof! I love them!
  Reviewed by: Nadine Melanson,  Windsor,ontario,  January 19, 2012

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